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Vintage Acoustic and Electric Guitars Made in Japan
Cortley Guitars
Cortley W 65 Headstock - Gibson Style
Cortley J 6000 Headstock - Martin Style
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About this site...

As most of you are aware, it is nearly impossible to find information about Cortley
guitars on the Web. This site is intended to be a network for Cortley guitar owners
to share information about their instruments and the history of the Cortley guitar!
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Important Disclaimer -  This site is not affiliated with the companies that were responsible for manufacturing and distributing Cortley guitars!
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Cortley / Cortez Comparison!
Cortley Guitar Strap
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The Label Reads:
Quality Musical Merchandise
Made in Japan
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Cortley J 6500 Headstock
Cortez J-6500 Headstock Cortley Guitar Strap
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