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Cortley Acoustic   Model CF 150
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Cortley CF 150 Twelve String Acoustic Guitar!
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Cortley CF 150 or WT 150
12 String
Retailed for $209.95 in 1978
(This model was not available as a 6 string)
Spruce Top
Mahogany Sides
3 Piece Back Mahogany / Maple
Tun-o-matic Bridge
Large Pearloid Position Markers
Cortley CF 150 - 3 Piece Back!
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      Inside Label on this Guitar besides
      The Cortley Brand Name,
       Serial #, Model #, and Made in Japan

States the following :

Exclusively Distributed by:
     Maxwell Meyers in Texas

Southland Musical Merchandise
      Corp in N. Carolina
Cortley CF 150 Label - Made in Japan!
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Cortley CF 150 Headstock!
Cortley CF150 Adjustable Bridge!
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